Migrants in time, so-called “beforeigners”, are coming in droves. If you are bewildered by what’s happening, this is the place to find answers.

Who are the beforeigners?

Beforeigners are people who somehow have travelled through time, and reached our age. They have little in common, and we have yet to find out why exactly these people ended opp in our era.

Where do the beforeigners come from?

So far, all beforeigners that has arrived have originated from three distinct time periods: The prehistoric Stone Age, the Norse era and the 19th century. These are obviously very different epochs as a matter of cultural development, so the behaviour we observe in the people of the different ages are remarkably different.

How are they travelling through time?

We don’t really know how these time portals open yet. However, we have some idea about how they might work. We believe that in the time portal, time moves infinitely more slowly than in normal life. So when someone enters these portals, centuries can fly by before they reach the other side.

Are there side effects to time travel?

Every time travelling beforeigner seems to be affected by memory loss of varying degrees. Some don’t even remember their own name or other personal details. None of them remember how they ended up in a time portal.

Is this a worldwide phenomenon?

Yes. People from the three time periods have been rescued from the oceans all over the world. This is by no means a local phenomenon. The UN has created a science panel of physicists and other experts to investigate this mystery.

Do the beforeigners integrate well into society?

The beforeigners are used to very different cultural codes and norms than we are. So there is no surprise that some concerns have been raised about crime. There has even been some reports of criminal gangs forming. One of the most notorious, the Bohemians, consists of men from the 19th century. But the police are aware of this, and are taking measures to prevent gang violence.

How many are coming?

We don’t know how many there will be in the end, or even if the migration will end at all. In Norway, there has been about 13.000 beforeigners arriving each year, and more are coming worldwide.

When does the show premiere?

The premiere date is August 21st.