This is your handy guide to the new words and expressions that have been added to the language since the Beforeigners arrived.


ant (beforeigner-slang, derogatory)

Contemporary people. A popular term among Vikings and prehistorics who view contemporaries as rule-obeying creatures without free will. Ref. «Anthill.»


B4 (website)

Online social networking service for timeigrants.

beef (slang, derogatory)

Abbreviation of «beforeigner». Ref. «Beef Stew,» «Dinosaur,» «Wetback.»

Beefcode (slang)

The previously posh financial district Barcode, that because of its proximity to the arrival point in the Oslo fjord has developed into a beforeigner ghetto.

beefeater (slang, derogatory)

Contemporary person who has sexual intercourse with beforeigners. Ref: «Archaeologist,» «Excavation.»

beforeigner (off.)

Person who has migrated from the past to the present. See also: «Timeigrant.»

beforeigner grocery store (noun)

Grocery shop run by beforeigners that sells goods and food that timeigrants consume in large quantities.

BILF (n., slang)

Abbreviation of the sentence «Beforeigner I'd Like to Fuck,» used by contemporaries about beforeigners they deem sexually attractive.

blóter (from Old Norse blót, pagan sacrifice, derogatory)

Refers to a timeigrant, most often from a hunter/gatherer society, who hunts and eats livestock like dogs, cats, cattle and sheep.

boomerang (slang, derogatory)

A timeigrant who tries to return to his or her time of origin by jumping into the Oslo fjord. Many die from drowning.

Borgeren.no (website)

News site dedicated to Beforeigner-related issues such as integration, timesism and scientific research on the time holes.


clock-broken (slang)

To have learned and become comfortable with the modern use of clocks.

clocktail (slang)

The many vaccines people need to take to prevent diseases from the past. Used mostly by people who work with beforeigners.

cont, conts (beforeigner-slang, derogatory)

Abbreviation of «contemporary,» refers to person(s) from the present with little or no understanding for the beforeigners’ plight.


dinosaur (slang, derogatory)

Person with a temporal background other than the present.

draugr (from Old Norse draugr)

Paperless, illegal timeigrant who has entered society without going through the state’s integration mill. Used as henchmen in the criminal underworld.


eating-sword (beforeigner-slang)



Hashtag frequently used about beforeigners who are spreading their views on contemporary politics and society on the internet.


filet mignon (slang, derogatory)

19th Century beforeigner who believes he/ she is superior to people from any other era, including contemporary society.

fishermen (subst., pl.)

Criminals who hide on the shore to scout for newly arrived to fish them out of the water before they are registered by the government.

flash (subst.)

The sudden lights that appear in the water when Beforeigners arrive.

cluster flashes (subst. pl.)

The sudden lights that appear in the water when Beforeigners arrive.

furries (slang, derogatory)

Persons who have migrated from prehistoric time, before year 5000 BC. Ref. «Cave painters,» «Monobrows,» «Monobro’s,» «Lice-den,» «Flee-stand,» «Beef breath.»


glowstone (beforeigner-slang)

Hot plate.

good ol’ days (idiom.)

Nostalgic term used by beforeigners to refer to their own time of origin.


hasselhofs (pl., slang)

Policemen and women whose job it is to save newly arrived timeigrants from drowning in the sea.

Hulefrue (blog)

lit. «Cavehubby»/ «Caveman’s Wife». A popular blog about the joys and challenges of being the girlfriend of a Prehistoric man.

Hunter&Gatherer (idiom., org.)

Policemen and women whose job it is to save newly arrived timeigrants from drowning in the sea.


Jurassic Park (slang, derogatory)

Beforeigner reception center. Refers to the American movie franchise from 1993 about an amusement park where extinct dinosaurs are brought to life in contemporary society.


midgardsworm (beforeigner-slang, from Old Norse)

The metro.

mutton chop (slang, derogatory)

A beforeigner from the 1880s, easily recognizable by the sideburns men from this era like to grow.

mono-bro (slang, derogatory)

Timesist term describing a young Prehistoric man. Pun on the slangwords monobrow (particularly bushy eyebrows that form one long eyebrow) and bro (male friend).


Nivlhel (beforeigner-slang, from Old Norse Niflhel)

The name of the worst part of the underworld/hell in the Old Norse religion. The term is commonly used by beforeigners about the dentist’s office. Also the name of a nightclub in Oslo.

Norwegian Center against Timesism (org.)

Non-governmental organization whose main objective is to fight timesism and discrimination against beforeigners.

nowsplaining (idiom, beforeigner-slang)

The condescending and patronizing manner in which contemporaries explain how things work in society.


People’s Movement Against Timeigration (abb. PMAF)

Organization that is critical to timeigration. Main cause: That every beforeigner should be marked by a GPS tracking devices.

prehistorian (subst.)

A person of pre-historic origin.


Resource Centre for Timeigrant Women (abb. RCTW)

Charity organization that works to improve the living conditions for beforeigner women and girls.

Rock Against Timesism (org.)

Annual charity event where Norwegian artists perform to raise money for the cause of beforeigner rights.


scabbard (beforeigner-slang)

Underpants. Ref.: «Snake charmer»

smelly well (beforeigner-slang)


snake charmer (beforeigner-slang)

Underpants. Ref. «Scabbard»

sneak-norseification (term)

Term used by anti-timeigrationists about measures facilitating beforeigners. Ref.: «Sneak-oldification»

stone digger (slang, derogatory)

Woman who prefers sexual intercourse with prehistoric individuals. Ref. «Paleo diet»

swimmers (pl.)

newly arrived beforeigners who have not yet been rescued from the water.

steakhouse (slang, derogatory)

Place where «beefs»/beforeigners gather. Ref. «Beef stew», «Minced beef.»

steelmaids (beforeigner-slang)

Place where «beefs»/beforeigners gather. Ref. «Beef stew», «Minced beef.»


talking beef (idiom, derogatory)

Beforeigner who works in telemarketing and sales.

temporally challenged (idiom.)

Timeigrants with extraordinary problems adapting to modern life.

temporal diversity (idiom.)

Term that highlights the positive sides of a multi-temporal population. See also: «Temporal-Diversity Party.»

Temporal-Diversity Party (org.)

Political party that fights for beforeigner rights and against timesism.

temporal-relativist (noun.)

Contemporary who believes no culture is superior to any other.

temproxat (med.)

Drug developed to diminish the sensory overload experienced by prehistoric individuals upon entering the modern technological society. Ref. «The Veil,» «Bride’s veil,» «Best men.»

the armor (slang)

Nickname for the soft-shell jacket handed out to beforeigners at reception centers. Also worn by cont. teenagers who want to identify with a repressed subculture.

The Bohemians (slang)

Criminal gang with origins in the 19th century beforeigner community. The members sport formal clothing and speak riksmål (Dane-Norwegian). Drug of preference: Absinth and opium.

the Veil (slang)

Nickname for temproxat. Users of the drug report seeing the world through a veil. Now illegal due to its highly addictive nature.

The United Nations Time Panel (org.)

Intergovernmental panel for research on time travel and beforeigners. Was led by Rüdiger Hartmann until it closed down, due to lack of results.

time hole (quasi-scient.)

Term that tries to describe the means of transportation beforeigners travel with to our time.

Time of Origin (term, abbr. ToO)

The historical time in which an individual is born.

timeigrant (noun)

Person who has migrated from the past to the present. Ref. «beforeigner»

timeigration balance sheet

Overview of the net fiscal impact of beforeigners (taxes paid minus services used). Ret. used by timesists in favor of mass deportation to No Man’s Land. See also: «No Man’s Land.»

timesism (noun)

Discriminating view of human nature where people from the past are deemed less valuable to society than people born in the present. Ref. «temporalism».

timesist (noun)

Person who promotes timesist views.

the time squeeze (idiom, slang)

To be robbed by beforeigners


United Nations Beforeigner Convention (org.)

UN Resolution §2493 4, stating that all newly arrived temporal refugees shall be taken care of and granted full citizenship in the nation that controls the geographical area they migrated from.


Valhalla (beforeigner-slang, from Old Norse Valhöll)

Term for heaven in Nordic religion, refers to NAV (the Social Services office).

viking foot (slang, derogatory)

Diabetic foot. Refers to the frequent occurrence of diabetes among beforeigners with no previous experience with sugar in their diet.

viqueen (noun)

Beforeigner man from the Viking era who finds out that he has a double gender identity.


wall pond (beforeigner-slang)


wet lag (slang.)

Slang term for the memory loss beforeigners experience when they travel in time.

wind stick (beforeigner-slang)

Hair dryer.

winter box (beforeigner-slang)


winter chest (beforeigner-slang)


white witch (beforeigner-slang)

Water Closet. Due to negative experiences caused by clogging, overflowing, etc., many beforeigners have an ambivalent attitude towards modern flush toilets.

«What? Why? Who? - The Time Holes Revealed» (book)

Popular book on conspiracy theories surrounding the time holes. Scientifically denounced but a popular source for online debates.


«You got beef!»

Popular talkshow hosted by the British beforeigner-comedian Charles D’Arcy (b. 1869), which is a global success.