A new phenomenon starts happening all over the world. Powerful flashes of light occur in the ocean, and people from the past appear from three time periods; the stone age, the Viking age, and the late 1800s.

No one understands how this is possible, and the people from the past, called ”beforeigners”, have no memory of what’s transpired. The city of Oslo has been visibly affected by the phenomenon, and there is no way back.

A couple of years later, Alfhildr – who comes from the Viking Age – is teamed up with burned-out police officer Lars Haaland as part of the police department’s integration program. While investigating the murder of a woman with Stone Age tattoos, Lars and Alfhildr make unexpected discoveries.


Lars Haaland

Lars was once a happily married family man, who found the work in the Oslo police fulfilling. A few years after the arrival of the Beforeigners, Lars is a broken, burnt out man. After working around the clock, he and his wife Marie grew apart and divorced. Despite his challenges, Lars is a good cop. He prefers to work alone, and after being on sick leave for three months, he returns to find out that he is being teamed up with a new co-worker, Alfhildr Enginnsdottir.

Alfhildr Enginnsdottir

Alfhildr is Lars’ new partner in the force, and an amazon of a beforeigner woman. She arrived from the Viking Age a few years ago and is the first police detective in the precinct with a temporally diverse background. Alfhildr does her best to fit in in present day society and the police force, but it isn’t always easy. Alfhildr and Lars don’t always get along, and they easily annoy each other, but after getting to know each other better, the unusual duo proves to be an efficient team.

Ingrid Haaland

Ingrid is the daughter of Lars and Marie. She is about to graduate high school, with the anticipated russefeiring right around the corner. Because of her young age, she doesn’t quite remember a time without beforeigners. She is an average teenager who just wants to be normal and fit in, and her parents are of course a source of constant embarrassment.

Marie Gran

Lars’ ex-wife and mother of Ingrid. Marie is now in a relationship with Gregers, a sophisticated man from the late 19th century. Being in a temporally mixed relationship is often met with prejudice, making it even more challenging to be a mother of a teenager in the present day.

Gregers Nicolai Schweigaard

Gregers timegrated to the present with his son Valentin, who sadly drowned upon arrival. Gregers went on to try and find a new family, and met Marie at a seminar. They bonded over French wine, nineteenth century literature and feelings of loneliness.

Navn Ukjent (Name Unknown)

Navn was one of the first to enter our time from the Old Stone Age. Navn has come a long way since he arrived, and he now lives civilized in a fashionable home in Holmenkollen, with a Range Rover and his contemporary trophy wife. He even runs his own company: A firm called CM Security.

Ida Jensen Ukjent

Ida is Navn’s girlfriend. She runs a successfull blog called “Hulefrue” (Caveman’s Wife), that describes the joys and challenges of inter-temporal married life. Her blog contains high fashion tips, cooking recipes and insightful observations on how to live together with a man who comes from prehistoric times.


Urd is Alfhildr’s friend and nemesis from the past. They were both shieldmaidens, who fought together on the battlefield, and over the same man. When Urd discovers Alfhildr in present time, she is insistant on teaming up with her old sister-in-arms, while Alfhildr is a bit more reluctant.


Tommy is a beforeigner with a Norse background who suffers a near total amnesia after his timetravel. In the present he leads a normal family life with a contemporary wife and daughter, and works as a biking food delivery guy. From time to time, Tommy meets Norse people who insist they recognize him, but as he doesn’t remember their language, Tommy finds this uncomfortable and shies away.


H.C is an extravagant man from the late 1800s. He runs a nightclub called “The Mermaid”, where much of the business happens under the table. He has a lust for the drugs and entertainment from his time, and an outdated way of seeing some women as lucrative objects.

Behind the universe

Series creators: Eilif Skodvin & Anne Bjørnstad

Series director: Jens Lien

The series is produced by Rubicon TV Norge, by Jan-Erik Gammleng and Terje Strømstad.

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